Hello all.

My name is Andrei Nejur and I am an architect, educator and a digital design enthusiast. This is my online digital research and sketch repository. Feel free to browse and make use of what you find here. Everything is free and if the code is there you can use and abuse it anyway you want. Bear in mind that my work stored here is, in some instances based on the work of some other talented people that have generously shared their creations and wisdom with the world. Please make sure you credit everyone for their contribution if you decide to use it.

For now this website is still under construction so I will post new/old stuff here whenever I get the chance. Be sure to check back from time to time. In the meantime you can have a look at my digital portfolio on Behance or at the work I've done with my company on N2 Arhitectura's projects page

I am always interested to see interesting ways my code has been used in, so if you can please share your creations that use some of my work and especially Ivy. You can use the comment section in this website's pages or the dedicated Ivy group on the grasshopper3d.com website or on the Discourse McNeel section. If you are interested in PolyFrame you can also start a discussion here.

If you are interested in learning about my work first hand ask me about a workshop. Now, for a limited time free workshops are available through the Erasmus + program for universities in the European Union. Drop me a line if you work or study in an EU university and would like to know more.

All the best.