Phd Thesis Summary : DIGIT_ALL ARCHITECTURE - about transformations of the architectural author and architectural performance in the digital age

As the title of the paper betrays, the work is concerned with two major poles of the process started within the architectural profession with the embrace of computer and digital creation techniques. It is about the transformation of the status of the architectural author, the architect on the one hand, and the architecture itself as object, on the other. From this perspective, the work can be viewed as consisting of two main sections, the first devoted to the author of architecture and the second to the production of architecture.

Although this separation can be read easily by observing the interest clearly displayed in each of the two major parts of the work, in fact, both issues are in strict connection and determine each other. Both the author and the production of architecture are presented as elements of a creative flow and what actually differs in each section of the text is the perspective from which they are examined. The first section, consisting of chapters two and three of the paper, addresses the issue the author of architecture in the digital age in the broader context of the profession. The approach is constructed in close connection to the product and process of architecture and the mutations they suffer in the new digital context. Similarly, the second section, consisting of chapters four and five, brings in the foreground the transformation of the architecture product in the context of the new incarnations of the author and the creative process. The conclusion of the whole work is that the transformation occurs at all levels of the profession. This transformation affects the whole process, virtually reconstructing the basic terms of the architectural creation equation.